Futuristic Pithawala

Mohan Nair

Dedicated and motivated civil engineer skilled in all phases of engineering operations, consistently finishes projects under budget and ahead of schedule, Experience in finishing constructions, Demonstrated strengths in maintaining the highest quality standard of the work and productivity.

Have served as the Project Manager, Civil Supervisor, and Civil Contractor at various companies such as

  • A.A Pradhan & Co (Mumbai- International Airport)
  • Kribhco (Hazira)
  • L&T (Hazira, Chennai) starting from 1989 and has executed various civil work in Essar
  • L&T
  • AM/NS (Hazira)
  • Neo-Structo (Sachin) and BPCL(Cochin)

Raising staff motivation, good organizational skills with different provider, workers, dealing under pressure using all types to solve all problems and planning ahead.